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Doris Ann Ingold Woda Passes Away November 10


We share sad news this week. Doris Ann Ingold Woda, one of our founders and the mother of Jeffrey J. Woda, passed away on Tuesday, November 10.

“All of us at Woda Cooper Companies are sorry to hear of the passing of Doris Woda. Doris was integral in the founding of our company. Until her retirement, she touched and positively influenced every aspect of our company’s operations. Doris made a lasting impression on many people from government officials to residents to financiers. Beyond work, Doris will be remembered as an incredibly warm, compassionate, intelligent, and caring human being. Widowed at an early age, Doris dedicated herself to raising her two sons and caring for and about her family. She will be missed.” – David Cooper, Jr, 

Jack Parker, who holds the title of Woda Cooper’s longest standing employee, had this to say: “The Wodas are good people, starting with Mrs. Woda. It is a reason I have been with this company for so long, nearly 30 years.”

James Zambori, another of Woda Cooper’s long-term employees also shared his thoughts: “When I first started working with Woda on Main Street in Bridgeport, Ohio, the office staff consisted of Jeff, Doris, a receptionist, and me. Those were the days before email existed and our business was handled through paper and good old-fashioned conversations. Jeff and Doris shared an office down the hall from me. Many evenings I would go in their office and share the news of the day or simply swap life stories before heading home. When Jack came by to drop off paperwork, the four of us would often delve into discussions, the nature of which was both business and humorous. Doris had an infectious smile and laugh which still brings a smile to me as I reminisce.” 

We convey our deepest sympathies to Jeff and the rest of the Woda family.  Please read more about Doris’ life and service arrangements here.