Why Woda Cooper Companies?
Woda Cooper continues to grow each year because of our dedication to our employees, our development successes, and the positive impacts we make in the communities of which we are a part.  Here’s what people closest to us have to say:

Shane Branham (Maintenance): “The best part about working at Woda Cooper is that the owners of the company truly care about being long term owners of great housing.”

Olivia Brock (PCI): “I like working for Woda Cooper because I get to be part of a larger team who works together to produce a product that has a positive impact on other people’s lives.”

Zebulin Culver (Development): “One of my favorite things about working at Woda Cooper Companies is the collaboration and teamwork that goes into each project in order to bring it to fruition. The wealth of knowledge and experience within the Company allows us to tackle even the most complex issues together.”

Mallory Weaver (Closings): “I enjoy being exposed to an interesting industry where I am constantly learning.”

Art Smith (Construction): “Working at Woda Cooper Companies is travelling to places I would otherwise not see, meeting people I would have never met, while working together with team members from all departments of WCCI in a rewarding endeavor to provide Affordable Housing.”

Amber Nabers (HR): “What I love most about working for Woda Cooper is our continuous success. In the five years I’ve been here, we have grown non-stop, and I’m a non-stop type of person! I can honestly say I have never had a boring day at Woda Cooper.”

Kristie Snair (Accounting): “My favorite thing about working for Woda is working with people who genuinely care about their work and your well being.”

Anne Little (Legal): “I like working with people from every aspect of the Company as a member of the team. Everyone works together to achieve a common goal: building, providing and servicing great affordable housing.”

Ian Matey (Pre-Construction): “I really enjoy traveling, and seeing new/potential sites.”