Why Woda Cooper Companies, Inc.?
A survey of key stakeholders was conducted by an outside company recently. This is what they had to say about us.

“Integrity of their people is their number one strength.”

“The Woda Group, Inc. works with local partners in supportive services as well as community-based groups.”

“Many times The Woda Group, Inc. has the best properties and housing options in their communities, and they keep those properties in good condition.”

“The Woda Group, Inc. occupancy rates are high.”

“The Woda Group, Inc. has procedures to monitor and track projects, and they have a good way of identifying those projects that make sense.”

“The before and after of the rehabs they complete are stunning.”

“The Woda Group, Inc. makes long-term commitments to the communities in which they work.”

“The Woda Group, Inc. identifies their own projects and comes in with well thought out concepts that can, and will, evolve into real projects.”

“The Woda Group, Inc. finds a way to fit into the neighborhood’s character, and provides good housing for the right income levels.”

“The Woda Group, Inc. creates new, safe, and clean affordable housing for residents that would not otherwise be able to live in this type of quality housing.”