Woda Cooper Companies, Inc. and its affiliates are nationally recognized and experienced developers, general contractors, and property managers.

Woda Cooper Companies, Inc. specializes in the design, construction and management of affordable multi-family apartments, senior communities, and single family homes.


Woda Cooper Companies, Inc.’s success would not be possible without the benefit of strong relationships.

State and federal housing agencies, investors, nonprofit organizations, and lenders, work with Woda Cooper Companies, Inc. to provide the best possible supportive housing opportunities to low- and moderate-income families and seniors.


Since 1990, Woda Cooper Companies, Inc. has created over 12,000 housing units in rural, suburban and urban settings across 15 states. Woda Management and Real Estate LLC manages and maintains over 300 properties.

Woda Cooper Companies, Inc. continuously researches and evaluates new markets to help ensure the availability of newly constructed, or renovated, affordable housing units for families and seniors.


Headquartered in Columbus, Ohio, the company has six offices and employs over 550 employees.  In 2018, the firm was restructured to become the first vertically-integrated affordable housing firm in the nation to implement an Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP).


Over the years, Woda Cooper Companies, Inc. has received a long list of awards and recognitions from industry and community groups for quality, sustainability and preservation.

Last year, Woda Cooper Companies, Inc. ranked as the sixth largest affordable housing developer in the country and the twenty-ninth largest affordable housing owner by Affordable Housing Finance.

Although Woda Cooper Companies, Inc.’s management team and employees appreciate the opportunities that awards and industry recognition provide, the real satisfaction comes from compliments and praise from tenants and from the communities it serves.