Woda Cooper Companies, Inc. provides a wide range of services for affordable, multi-family, single-family and senior communities and works seamlessly through Woda Cooper affiliates to bring a project to completion.

The parent organization, Woda Cooper Companies, Inc. researches, identifies, finances and creates development projects.  Woda Construction, Inc. is the general contractor and provides construction services for Woda Cooper developments.  Woda Management & Real Estate, LLC provides leasing, maintenance and property management services for Woda Cooper properties, and PCI Design Group, Inc. provides architecture, design and production services.

Woda Cooper Companies, Inc. has a diverse portfolio that spans across urban, suburban and rural communities. Woda Cooper is well known for serving rural communities, and has demonstrated the ability to bring the best properties and housing options to communities that have historically found it more difficult to attract developers.  Woda has expanded successfully into suburban and urban environments.

A well-capitalized, tax credit development firm, Woda Cooper is proactive in seeking out projects, assembling land, and putting together a financing package that is feasible. Known for challenging and innovative project completions, Woda presses forward with reinvestments to transform block areas that have a spillover effect to spark improvements elsewhere.

Relationships formed with city, state, elected and appointed officials, as well as merchant associations, churches, universities, social service organizations, supportive services and community-based groups, ensure a successful project for the tenant, community and investors.

Woda Construction, Inc. is the general contractor for new and renovated multi-family developments, mid-rise buildings, cottage style residential developments, single family subdivisions and sustainable developments.

Since all properties are owned and managed by Woda Cooper, there is a significant focus on longevity and long-term durability. Experienced and trained construction professionals are responsible for the overall quality during the building process, and are tasked with maximizing the useful life for the property. The efficiency of the construction crews, and Woda Cooper’s ownership of the construction process create value and cost savings.

Building on a tremendous knowledge base and tight procedures to monitor and track projects, the Woda Cooper team is experienced in handling the most challenging construction projects. A demonstrated capacity to work at multiple sites simultaneously at various stages, Woda Construction, Inc. maintains a well-established pipeline of activity, and prides itself in delivering exceptional quality, on time and on budget.

Woda Management & Real Estate, LLC currently manages over 300 Woda-owned properties with over 12,000 units. Woda Cooper professionals take incredible pride and ownership to ensure that all Woda Cooper properties are well maintained and undergo continuous improvement. The Woda Cooper portfolio consistently averages occupancy rates in excess of 95%, which is a testament to the quality of the Woda Cooper product and the dedication of Woda Cooper personnel.

Property, maintenance, compliance and accounting personnel are professionally trained to navigate complex government regulations and housing assistance programs, and are focused on providing comfortable, affordable homes to tenants. Collaboration occurs daily with residents, non-profit community organizations, and the general public in order to instill a sense of community for residents.

PCI Design Group, Inc. is an architecture firm dedicated to the design of affordable residential housing. PCI employs LEED accredited registered architects, professional engineers, and design and production professionals.

The PCI team has designed a range of housing structures from single-family subdivisions, to high-rise apartment buildings, to USDA Rural Development (FmHA) 515 rehabilitations in multiple states.

With knowledge of standard architectural practice and ever evolving technology coupled with careful management of outside consultants, PCI designs sustainable, low maintenance, and energy-efficient communities and is committed to providing an attractive, functional, compliant and innovative design that undergoes continuous improvement.

PCI is affiliated through common ownership with Woda Cooper Companies, Inc. This relationship allows Woda Cooper Companies, Inc. to collaborate closely with PCI’s design and construction professionals to produce high quality and innovative affordable housing developments.