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PCI Design Group, Inc.





PCI Design Group, Inc. ("PCI") is an architecture firm dedicated solely to the design of affordable residential housing. PCI employs two registered architects, five design and production professionals and two professional engineers.  This team has designed a range of housing structures from single family subdivisions, to high rise apartment buildings, to Rural Development (FmHA) 515 rehabilitations in multiple states.  With knowledge of standard architectural practice and ever evolving technology coupled with careful management of outside consultants, PCI designs sustainable, low maintenance, and energy-efficient communities.

PCI is affiliated through common ownership with The Woda Group, LLC. This relationship allows The Woda Group, Inc. to collaborate closely with PCI's design and construction professionals to produce high quality and innovative affordable housing developments.

Affordable Housing Finance

Ranked #34 among all Affordable
Housing Owners 2011

Business First

Ranked as the 61st largest Privately
Held Company and ranked as the 9th largest
Commercial Construction Company 2010


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